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Experience the Advantages –Ductless Mini-Split System

A mini-split system combines the flexibility of room air conditioners with the whole house cooling of central systems, and at Comfortmasters, we’re pleased to offer ductless mini-split system installation to home and business owners across Jacksonville, FL. If you are in the market for a mini-split system, give us a call to discuss your cooling needs.

The ductless mini-split air conditioning system is an excellent alternative for heating and cooling older homes with radiators or baseboard heaters. Ductless mini-split systems also solve the problem of cooling and heating a space when adding ductwork is impractical or too expensive. The combination of outdoor condenser and indoor air handler fits virtually anywhere. Better yet, this type of system is simple to install and economical to operate.

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These units have a few basic advantages:

Quiet Comfort

Ductless AC splits have no ducts, so the only sound you’ll hear is the gentle delivery of cool, comfortable air. The outside unit can even be located up to 50 feet away from the home or building, which reduces outdoor compressor noise that can be associated with central air units.


Advances in efficiency parallel those made in technology, as evidenced by rises in Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio ratings. In the case of AC units, it is important to meet a current minimum rating of 13; thankfully, ductless AC split units typically hit ratings well above the minimum, reaching into the mid-20s. Higher ratings correspond with reduced electrical use, which works in your favor. Additionally, ductless split AC units excel at preserving the temperature of cool air traveling into your building. 


This system is made up of several indoor blowing units, and each indoor unit can be operated independently of other units. This way, rooms that aren’t in use don’t have to be cooled until it is necessary. If all rooms are in use, you are able to set the thermostat to the same temperature in all rooms in order to maximize efficiency.

Tools and Experience

Our technicians have the tools and experience needed to install ductless mini-split systems, so why not put our knowledge to work for you? Call today to schedule your on-site estimate.

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"The owner and employees of Comfortmasters, Inc. AC & Heating are true professionals. They are honest, reliable and always on time. I have a very unusual ac unit that leaked. I called the ac company that my association recommended. They were unable to solve the issue at hand. They did, however, try to sell me a new unit. At that point I decided to call Comfortmasters, Inc. AC & HEATING. The owner, Jim and his technician came out to look at my unit. They were able to determine the source of the leak. Jim explained everything to me about my unit. The problem was not my unit. The leak was actually coming from the condo above me. Comfortmasters solved my problem and saved me thousands of dollars. I highly recommend Comfortmasters, Inc. AC & Heating. They provide great service!”


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