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 A well-functioning heating system is imperative to the comfort and functionality of your home.  As your heating system ages, it can lose efficiency or stop working entirely. At Comfortmasters, we aim to provide the highest level of quality for every job we undertake – no matter the size or scope. When you call on us for assistance, you can expect accurate, professional heating services from a heating contractor you can trust.

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Proactive Heating & Air Services

Unfortunately, heating systems usually break down during the time when they are most needed – during the heart of winter. Typical, right? Instead of waiting until the moment your heating system malfunctions to consider investing in the heating service you need, allow our experienced technicians to proactively service your heating system so you are fully prepared when winter comes! We will quickly and efficiently diagnose your problems (or potential problems) and offer a practical solution.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for heating system service in Jacksonville, Florida, call us today.

Heating System Types

Heating System Types

Gas Furnaces: This is the most common type of heating system in the U.S. It is known by its low cost of operation

Electric Furnace: Electric furnaces cost more to operate but are a go-to option when gas furnaces are not available.

Boilers: Boilers are known for being able to deliver quiet and comfortable heat with no ductwork. Gas, oil, and electric models of boilers are available.

Air Source Heat Pumps: These pumps move heat instead of generating it from a combustible source of fuel. They can operate as both heat pumps and air conditioning units.

Oil Furnaces: These furnaces require you to store the fuel on-site. They are another alternative to natural gas furnaces.

Geothermal Heat PumpsWhile these are often the most costly heater to install, they produce incredibly efficient and environmentally friendly heating through the transfer of energy from the earth. These pumps use the consistent energy from the ground to heat or cool the home.

Heating Installation

Choosing a Replacement for Your Heating System

Is it finally time to replace that age-old heating and air system? Here are a couple of factors you should consider when choosing a heating system replacement.


Where you live makes a huge difference when determining the best replacement for your HVAC system. Furnaces and boilers make the most sense in colder climates, while heat pumps may be a more energy efficient option for someone living in a milder climate. 

What is already present in your home?

If you don’t currently have ductwork in your home, it makes perfect sense to choose a boiler over a heat pump. However, if your home is ducted, your air conditioner may be needing replacement in the near future. You could cut back your personal investment by choosing a heat pump instead of a traditional HVAC system

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Heating Installation

Here at Comfortmasters, we are proud to be your experts in heating installation in Jacksonville, FL. The first thing we do when preparing to install a heating system in your home or commercial space is to discern which type of heating system meets your needs.

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Heating Repairs in Jacksonville

For many residents of Jacksonville, FL, it’s easy to spend most of the year overlooking the importance of a working heating system. However, when the temperature begins to drop – we are here to help you maintain a comfortable atmosphere in your home. As heating contractors in the Jacksonville area, we are fully equipped to provide the high-quality heating repairs that your comfort, safety, and satisfaction demand.

What's causing your heating system to malfunction?

What's causing your heating system to malfunction?

There are an array of factors that could cause your heating system to malfunction – likely at the worst possible time. Some of these factors include:

  • Low Refrigerant– Low refrigerant levels may cause your air conditioning unit to work too hard and overheat.
  • Unchanged Filter - A filter that remains unchanged for long periods of time can cause the energy consumption of an air conditioning unit to decrease by nearly 15 percent.
  • Ice Build Up– When a smaller sized air conditioning unit is used to cool a much larger space, it may cause ice to build up due to the amount of strain on the unit.
Is it time for heating repairs in Jacksonville? 

Is it time for heating repairs in Jacksonville? 

In addition to a malfunction heating system, there are a variety of other indications you can consider when deciding whether or not it’s time for heating repairs. Some of these factors include:

  • Age – If your furnace is over ten years old, it may be time for a replacement.
  • Energy Bills - If your furnace is losing its ability to perform efficiently, you’ll be faced with higher energy bills.
  • Repair Frequency – How many repairs have you had this year? If the number is climbing higher by the month, it may be time to put your funds toward a high-efficiency replacement.

Luckily, when you are in need of quick, affordable, dependable heating repairs in Jacksonville, Comfortmasters is here for you. We are able to diagnose your current HVAC unit, and advise you on the proper course of action. If a completely new installation is needed, our technicians will work quickly and efficiently while remaining cognoscente of your schedule and needs.

Meeting Your Needs 

Meeting Your Needs 

As fully licensed and insured HVAC professionals, we’re skilled in a wide variety of heating technologies. No matter what type of heating system you rely on, our team is able to provide effective and efficient repair solutions.

Arriving in fully loaded service trucks, our technicians will use factory parts while promptly completing even your most complex projects. We provide the kind of excellent customer service that you’ve come to expect from our trusted family-owned and locally operated business.

At Your Service 

At Your Service 

Comfortmasters, Inc. has been serving the Jacksonville area since 1989, and our team looks forward to serving your home comfort needs.  

Our technicians are available Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm, and Saturday – Sunday, by appointment. Call today for more information.

jacksonville florida heating and airHeating Maintenance

We want to maximize the efficiency and reliability of your heating unit. Not only does Comfortmasters specialize in the inspection, diagnoses, installation, and repairs of these units, we are able to help you properly maintain this unit so you can enjoy long-term comfort – without breaking the bank.

In addition to investing in professional services, there are a few ways you are able to prevent potential issues in your HVAC unit.

  • Scheduling regular check-ups.
  • Clean and replace the filter regularly.
  • Clean the vents.
  • Inspect the fans.
  • Be aware of any unusual noises.

What Customers Have to Say


"The owner and employees of Comfortmasters, Inc. AC & Heating are true professionals. They are honest, reliable and always on time. I have a very unusual ac unit that leaked. I called the ac company that my association recommended. They were unable to solve the issue at hand. They did, however, try to sell me a new unit. At that point I decided to call Comfortmasters, Inc. AC & HEATING. The owner, Jim and his technician came out to look at my unit. They were able to determine the source of the leak. Jim explained everything to me about my unit. The problem was not my unit. The leak was actually coming from the condo above me. Comfortmasters solved my problem and saved me thousands of dollars. I highly recommend Comfortmasters, Inc. AC & Heating. They provide great service!”


“We feel that we made the right decision. My husband and I had been debating on replacing our system for months. It was all so confusing and everyone you talk to says that they're the best. We finally decided on going with Comfortmasters, Inc. after the technician Jon visited. He was very knowledgeable and really simplified things in which we were able to comprehend. I was given a quote that included everything that needed to be done. They were slightly more expensive than a few of the others, but the price I was given was the price we paid. I'm always hesitant when it comes to having to do projects like this. I am very happy that we chose them. I would recommend them for sure.”


“In my almost 25 years in Jacksonville, Comfortmasters is the only air conditioning and heating company I have used. Their employees have been invariably quick to respond to issues, professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I have had them install two complete systems in my house at approximately 12 year intervals, and they always did a top notch job. Jim Plummer, the owner, always recognizes me by name when I call the company and personally supervised the initial phases of the new system installations. That personal touch is icing on the cake.”


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